Frequently asked questions

  • Is the grades for flute same with the piano?
    Yes. Western classical music instrument exam’s grade are the same, and a flute player can take exam grade by grade just like pianist.
  • Which examination board offers flute practical exam?
    Just like piano, the famous and most frequent used music examination board such as ABRSM and Trinity offers flute practical exam. And there is a syllabus by the examination board which clearly listed down the repertoire you should play in the exam.
  • I played the flute, but I’m not sure which level am I. 
    Don’t worry, teacher can judge based on the your playing.
  • Is it ok if I don’t want to take exam?
    Yes, it’s totally fine that you don’t take exam, exam is just a way self encouragement/achievement, you still can play well without exam.
  • What will I learn if I don’t want to take the exam?
    You’ll still learning step by step and everything you need to know before you move to a higher level. You’ll still need to learn the important repertoire just like the others did. The only difference is they are registering for exam but you are just learning for improvement.
  • How long does it takes to improve/to reach certain grades?
    Based on past experiences, Sze Gee’s students generally take 1 year to finish beginner until Grade2 level, another 1-1.5 year to reach Grade 5, and another 1.5-2 years to complete Grade 8. But bare in mind, the progression is much depended on student’s physical condition, learning speed and also time spent to practice. There were a few students who progress very fast and passed Grade5/6 exam within 1.5 year, or able to play Grade8/diploma repertoire within 2-3 years of learning from beginner level; but there are also slow learners who took 1-1.5 year to complete each grade.
  • How do I judge am I a fast or slow learner?
    You will need to take a lesson with Sze Gee and she can give you feedback directly in the session. It is impossible to judge by a phone call or a few text messages.
  • I don’t have a flute, can I start my lesson?
    Unfortunately, you must own an instrument to start any lesson. You may contact Sze Gee for advise on flute purchasing.
  • I am a beginner and a keen learner, what flute should I purchase?
    Yamaha YFL-212 or YFL-222 is a standard choice for beginner learner. Muramatsu flutes is a good choice for those who have budget. If you have other brand/model/budget in mind, please contact teacher for further consultations. You can also contact teacher for recommended sellers.
  • I saw a flute in Lazada and it only costs me 300 bucks, can I use it for lesson?
    NO YOU CAN’T. Sorry to say, that is not a flute, but a piece of metal toy. It can’t produce proper tone colour and very hard to even making a sound, which may caused poor learning experience and momentum.
  • Have more questions? Whatsapp me. 

***** If you are a beginner and considering to purchase a new flute, please contact the instructor for free advise, there are too many brands outside and we don’t want to buy something expensive but not useable.

Disclaimer: All information above written by Chew Sze Gee, please do not plagiarise or duplicate for commercial purpose without prior permission.

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