Flute Pedagogy – Teaching Beginners

“Flute Pedagogy – Teaching Beginners” training has finally come to an end after 16 weeks intensive sessions.

I always have the vision for local flute community to develop since I realised my passion in flute education years ago. 
I remember once I wrote “to make an impact to the music society by educating future instructors to cultivate good practices musically and socially” in my teaching philosophy.
Finally, after setting up my own music studio, I have the opportunity to do what I always wanted to.

Why 16 weeks training?
1 or 2 pedagogy seminars definitely not sufficient for the future teachers to understand their responsibility in their student’s growth.
It takes a lot a lot of practice to become a teacher, you cant be a good teacher by just graduating from the uni or after you got a grade 8 certificate. I realised many fresh grad music teachers wasn’t equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to know before accepting students. 

Special thanks to Myra for becoming the volunteer in this program, although she gets free lesson from me, but all the lessons was observed by the training participants, she is really brave to be able to do so in front of a bunch of strangers.

Lastly, I hope my students from the pedagogy training benefit from what I teach in the past 16 weeks, inspired by the thoughts and life advices I gave.

ps: I was exhausted preparing for this training every week, not gonna do this again in anytime soon 🤭

CG Flute Year End Concert 2021

Live Streaming at YouTube on 31st December 2021, 8-9.30pm (MYT). Stay tuned!

Performers: Adam bin Adrien, Alan Tan, Bernice Ng Li Jun, Chai Qing, Cheang Xue Jing, Cheang Xue Qi, Chew Sze Gee, Cleryn Wong, Elaine Lim Jia Yee, Grace Lee, Hoh Man, Kaviinesh a/l Ramu, Kwek Wai Jem, Lilian Zhang HuiLin, Rinai Anak Maurice, Rowan Robertson, Saik Rou, Saufi Abdul Hadi, Sofea Hafek, Tan Wen Qi, Tan Wen Suan, Thomas Cheah, Vidan Lee, Wong Xi Yuan, Yuko Ichikawa, Zhang XinJie.

Programme: Beethoven, Bizet, Chaminade, CPE Bach, Debussy, Gariboldi, Haydn, Ian Clarke, JS Bach, Joe Hisaishi, Jules Demersseman, Mozart, Piazzolla, Poulenc, Quantz, Schumann, W S Gilbert, Vivaldi, Yiruma

Music Instrument Playing Masks

Oboe, bassoon and bass clarinet will be using the same design of mask as saxophone.

For single order, kindly place your order at Shopee.
For bulk order, kindly contact me or fill in the form in each of the link above.

Due to overwhelming orders from school band and international schools, all the mask now has a waiting time for at least 1 month. Please order and queue as early as possible to avoid disappointment.