What is the age to start flute lesson?

What is the age to start flute lesson?

– It’s great to start learning music at an early age, but parents must make sure students are both physically and academically ready to begin studying the flute.

– The most important factor to decide whether a kid can start playing flute, is the size of the palm and arm. In order to facilitate playing all the keys of flute.

– As a wind instrument, it is also important that the student has a developed lung capacity to play. The youngest age for asian to start usually begin around 7-9 years old.

– Younger students can use a curve head joint to reduce the length of the flute, while not affecting the overall sound quality or technique. But I would suggest to just wait for another 1-2 years for them to grow and able to support holding a regular flute. Because you won’t need the curve head joint anymore in your lifetime flute playing journey when you grown up.



– Adult classes are available, it is never too late to learn music.
Even 60+ years old grandpa passionate about learning flute, what are you waiting for?

IMG_7729*adult student (60+ years old)

10997216_10203866414288789_2044112971_n*adult student (40+ years old)

IMG_7833  *teenage student (18 years old)

IMG_9327  *adult student (30+ years old)

IMG_7754-2 *boy (8 years old)

IMG_9204.PNG  *girl (7 years old)

IMG_5923*boy (11 years old)

11356044_10204591864864600_1599518879_n*teenage student (13 years old)


****Lessons are specially design for different age group.****

-Unlike the guitar or piano, playing the flute is less intuitive and therefore it is not an instrument that can easily be self-taught. You need someone to give you direct feedback and to avoid development of bad habits. It is way more challenging to change a bad habit than learning a new technique.

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