Flute Instructor in KL

Chew Sze Gee

Flute Instructor
PhD-current, MMus, BMus in Music Performance (Flute Major)
15 years flute playing experience, 7 years flute teaching experience

Sze Gee is a flutist & flute instructor based in Klang Valley area. She is currently the flute lecturer at National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage (ASWARA), and copy editor at Malaysian Journal of Music (MJM).
Sze Gee is actively involved in both performing arts and education scene in Malaysia. Her lessons includes a balance of theory and practical approaches, music reading, playing techniques, embouchure, breath control, phrases shaping, emotions approaches, articulations, fingering techniques, musicianship skills, music history and everything else you need to know to play the flute.

As an orchestral instrument, playing flute is not only about playing it alone, but ensemble techniques are important too, ensemble tips and listening tricks is included as a part of her teaching routine.
Her passion in music education, especially in flute teaching urge her to adjust the way of delivering based on student’s background and progression. For example, it will be stress free for working adult; a step by step approach for kids; and a strict/detailed approach for music major students.

Example of topics included in lesson:
– How to hold the flute correctly, the proper posture, the fingering for notes and how to breathe while playing the flute
– Correct embouchure formation
– The proper technique to assemble, clean and take care of their instrument
– How to read music score
– Musical knowledge from basic to advance level
– Suitable tone colour and intonation to play various flute repertoire
– Different articulation and techniques
– Vibrato
– Ensemble techniques
– Pitch and tuning
– Listening skills
– Technical facility
– Music appreciation
– Music theory
– Musicianship skills
– Musical characteristics
– Repertoire in beginner level: etudes, studies, simple classics, movie sound track, traditional folks (eg: castle in the sky, small world, beauty and the beast, spirited away, edelweiss, etc…)
– Repertoire in intermediate level: etudes, studies, famous classical repertoire (eg: Intermezzo de Carmen, Telemann Sonata, Sicilienne, Vivaldi Sonata, etc…)
– Repertoire in advance level: etudes, studies, single/full movement of significant classical repertoire (eg: Mozart Concerto, Bach Sonata, CPE Bach Sonata, Debussy Syrinx, Chopin Theme and Variation, etc…)
– Repertoire in diploma level: etudes, studies, full movement of classical/contemporary repertoire (eg: Poulenc Sonata, Faure Fantasie, Charminade Concertino, Schubert Theme and Variation, Prokofiev Sonata, Reinecke Concerto, etc…)
– Repertoires and method books is vary based on student’s level and learning preferences.

Online lessons are available now. Please contact Ms. Chew at +6016-2507682 for more information.

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