[ASWARA Flute 2021] Sejahtera Malaysia – A Tribute to Frontliners

Here comes the 2nd virtual ensemble video by ASWARA’s flute and piano major students 2021. This performance is specially dedicated to our frontliners: THANK YOU for everything, you are our HERO!
This time, instead of making another flute quartet video, I’ve decided to give the stage to our lovely students and supporting from the back end. 

Please enjoy and stay tuned for our next project!

Sejahtera Malaysia by ASWARA flute and piano major students 2021 under tutelage of Ms. Chew Sze Gee & Ms. Jamie Tan Lea Fung.
Composer: Tan Sri Dato Mohamed bin Rahmat
Music arranged by: Casmond Chew Chee Foong
Video edited by: Chai Qing
Audio edited by: Chew Sze Gee
Graphic designed by: Chew Sze Gee

Flute 1: Saufi Abdul Hadi (Diploma, Year 2)
Flute 2: Chai Qing (Degree, Year 2)
Flute 3: Kwek Wai Jem (Diploma, Year 1)
Piano: Wong Zhi Yang (Degree, Year 1)

Selamat Hari Kebangsaan Ke-64

Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan
“Melangkah ke hadapan bersama tradisi.”

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