Flute Mask for flute playing?

This one perhaps the 1st ever flute mask in Malaysia?
I got the initiative to make this because we need to wear a mask as a part of SOP to resume tutti rehearsal activity, so I told my mom who is a tailor about the idea of the flute mask that I want and then we did some experiments and demos, finally settle down with this design.
Not only for rehearsing purpose, but I think this mask works very well for flute teachers especially those who teaching the kids and when you need to demonstrate something.
By wearing this mask, your face is covered and can avoid spreading when you play the flute, to protect the students and ourself in a better way.
Kindly click on the order link below if you’re interested in this mask.

Order link: https://cgflute.com/flute-mask-order-link/

How to set up instrument while wearing the flute mask?

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