Brass Mask Order Link

Pre-order basis only (7-14days). No rush order.
Default size is for adult player, kindly write in the “special request” box if you are ordering a kids size. Secondary school teenagers fit the default size as well.

Price: RM22.90 each, special discount for bulk orders (2 pcs & above) or for students. Bulk order discount is only applicable with order of the colours stated above. Shipping is not included.

Colours available: As stated above or any other colours/pattern you may request (additional charge may apply for special colour request depending on the cost of fabric, range between RM2-5). Example of other colours: blue, green, pink batik, etc…

Instruction on using: Wash the flute mask every time after use (very gentle hand-washing only). Doesn’t recommend machine wash/dry as it will shorten the life span of the mask. Please don’t brush the non-woven fabric area with a brush or force, as it will harm the layer and shorten the life span of the mask as well. Recommended to wash it with a little bit of soap will do. After washing, hang it with hanger and let it dry naturally, the fabric material we used is very light and doesn’t need sun drying.

Disclaimer: This mask is only for you to wear as a layer of protection when you playing the instrument, and was not designed for usual wearing purpose, please wear a proper medical face mask as what suggested by MOH.

Photo details:

All the music instrument mask are made into 3 layers, including one inner layer of waterproof non-woven fabric which is the material of PPE suite that is breathable and filters the small particle travels in the air.