Flute Class/Lesson in Malaysia

  • Classical flute lesson for beginner, intermediate, advanced, and diploma students.
  • Home to home classes in Klang Valley are available.
  • Location: Student’s house or teacher’s house. Click Area or contact teacher for more info.
  • Classes are designed to conduct individually in order to be specific and focus on individual growth. No music background is totally fine to start.
  • Music theory from grade1-8 can be included in the lesson.
  • Different fees on 4 levels : beginner, intermediate, advanced and diploma.
    • Beginner level : Beginner – Grade2
    • Intermediate level : Grade 3-5
    • Advanced level : Grade 6-8 Learn more about levels
  • Each lesson is one hour, longer duration of lesson (1.5-2hours) might needed for advanced-diploma students based on teacher’s suggestion.


  • Learning is always step by step. There is not a problem for those who don’t know how to read music score.
  • Learning for self achievements and leisure is welcomed.
  • Prepare student for both ABRSM or Trinity practical exam.
  • Prepare student for ABRSM theory exam (as per request).

Check out “about” or the rest of this blog for more informations about Ms Chew Sze Gee’s qualifications and involvements in the music industry in detail.

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Call/whatsapp/email Miss Chew Sze Gee for lesson enquiries : +60162507682

Sze Gee is a professional flutist based in Klang Valley area, who holds a master in music performance (flute major) and qualified to teach all levels of flute students (from beginner up to tertiary stage). She is currently the flute lecturer of National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA). With over 15 years of playing flute as primary instrument, she focused on flute performance/education, a high quality learning progress and experience is guaranteed.

She is actively involved in both performing arts and education scene in Malaysia.  Her lessons includes a balance of theory and practical approaches, music reading, playing techniques, embouchure, breath control, phrases shaping, emotions approaches, articulations, fingering techniques, musicianship skills, music history and everything else you need to know to play the flute.

As a orchestral instrument, playing flute is not only about playing it alone, but ensemble techniques are important too, ensemble tips and listening tricks is included as a part of her teaching routine. Check out the duets video she recorded with her student!

Her passion in music education, especially in flute teaching urge her to adjust the way of delivering based on student’s background and progression. For example, it will be stress free for working adult; a step by step approach for kids; and a strict/detailed approach for music major students.

Results speak louder than words, check out her student’s performances and assessments results from her YouTube and instagram account: Youtube: CGflute. Instagram: cgflute/instagram. You can also check out the “video” or “gallery” or “student exam result” site for more interesting contents.

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